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Evergreen Money provides financial management to affluent investors
Strategic advice for serious investors
Evergreen Money is designed to serve individuals and families with complex finances and substantial net worth – from hundreds of thousands to millions. We advise on strategic financial decisions, manage your money, and safeguard your lifetime resources.
Founded by financial technology veterans
For thirty years, Bill Harris has been at the intersection of investing, tax and tech. He ran TurboTax, was CEO of PayPal, and founded Personal Capital, which grew to a $23 billion investment firm. He founded Evergreen Money in early 2023, accepting public clients in mid 2024.
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The bible of investment tax strategy
Taxes are the single most important driver of investment performance. A disciplined tax strategy can save you thousands in taxes each year. The vital concepts to unlock these savings are in the new edition of the Investment Tax Guide.
Balancing risk and return
For five years, Bill worked with Harry Markowitz, the Nobel prize-winning father of Modern Portfolio Theory, the methodology to maximize return while minimizing volatility and risk. Evergreen employs advanced technology and precision engineering to implement this approach with newfound discipline and rigor.
Custom construction of each portfolio
Evergreen constructs a unique portfolio of more than two hundred individual securities tailored to meet your specific needs. Our portfolios are custom-built, whereas older investment vehicles like mutual funds and ETFs — cookie-cutter solutions where every investor gets the same portfolio — are no longer the optimal approach to investing.